Hello, I'm Paul Johnson.
I'm a Web Developer and Digital Marketing Consultant.

I work with my clients to build and strengthen their brand.
I strive to provide all my clients with the best platform to be themselves.

Paul Johnson
Freelance Web Developer and Digital Marketer


I am a freelance front-end web developer and digital marketing specialist. I help companies build their online brand by using content management systems such as WordPress and Magento to build beautiful websites; and by utilizing powerful online marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing.


In 2015, it became evident to me that it was time for me to start doing more projects on a freelance basis. Since then it has been my mission to provide all of my clients with the best platform to be themselves. This means that I spend the time to learn how my client runs their business and why they do it that way. To me, the way a company presents itself online should represent the amazing people behind the business. A website is a doorway to a vast audience, some of whom you would never expect to find your company.


Let me partner with you and become your guide to the vast world of website development and digital marketing. I make a point of maintaining the highest possible integrity by being honest, hard working, responsive, and trustworthy. I promise that if you put your trust in me you will not regret your decision.

Paul Johnson

Web Development

Need a new website or fresh look? I work with my clients to build them beautiful websites using popular content management systems such as WordPress and Magento. Once their new website is built, I teach them how to use it keeping them in control of their content. Need something more custom? I can help you there too! Lets talk.

Digital Marketing

Want to start marketing your company online? These days there are tons of ways a company can utilize digital marketing to boost their bottom line. I am able to help clients understand and utilize digital marketing strategies such as SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing.

eCommerce Websites

Have a product you want to sell online? I want to help! I specialize in building beautiful, interactive eCommerce websites that help convert your visitors into buyers. The easier it is for someone to find what they need, the more likely they are to enjoy their experience and purchase your product.


If you just need some guidance on a certain aspect of your own web development or digital marketing efforts, I offer consulting services billed on the hourly basis.


  • PDJ Creative, LLC
  • Georgia, USA
  • (678) 951-9571
  • info@pdjcreative.com

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